May 6


The octagon is going up, almost time to rumble!

By Richard Weberg

May 6, 2021

I originally posted about the octagon I am building on Facebook, and one of my good friends Bob Riddell, because of the subject line I used thought I was building an MMA Octagon..

Bob Riddells comment on my Faceook post about my octagon I am building


Another one of my good friends John Smith thought I was building it for a Jacuzzi.

John Smiths comment on my Faceook post about my octagon


Well it is not going to be that kind of octagon. I am actually building an octagon shaped gazebo building that will have some outdoor furniture in it along with a fire pit. It will be more of a rest and relaxation area.


It will be perfect for entertaining.

I want to be able to sit outside with family and friends, toss back a few beers, and have a fire even if it is raining out.

So my octagon will have a roof on it with a octagon shaped hole in the center for smoke to escape. The sides will be open, with 8 cedar poles, one in each corner for the roof structure.

I decided to get it built before my Mom And Dad’s anniversary party on June 5th, as me and my wife are hosting it at our house. We have a huge yard and a three stall garage we use for setting up tables and an eating area.

We will be having a live band as well, so wanted to make sure we had enough areas outdoors, just in case it decides to rain, so we can all still be somewhat outside.

We started building the base on April 28th.

My Original octagon Facebook post


It was a little tricky getting the octagon squared up. Every time we moved the forms even a little bit, it kicked it out of whack. I guess it could have been all the beer we

cement forms in for my octagon


Some supervisors, my brother and one of my best friends. Notice the beer…lol

My family and friends helping me drink beer and build the octagon cement forms

One of my other best friends TJ Ennen finishing the cement.

My friend TJ Ennen finishing the cement


Cement was finally finished and swept at 11pm, had to work by some yard lights, and an industrial light I have.

cement was finished at 11pm


The concrete slab the next day. The octagon is 16 feet across in each section. It looked a lot bigger to us before the cement was put in.

the cement the next day

A huge thank you to my sons Ricky and John, my brother Derreck, and my best friends, Dust and TJ for helping get the concrete in. I really appreciated all of your help!


This weekend we will start putting up the cedar poles and building the structure for the roof. I will update this post as we make progress and get it finished up.

Update: 05/10/2021 Progress is being made on my octagon shaped gazebo building.

My Dad is enjoying a beer and supervising us.

My Dad supervising the work on the octagon


Some of my family came out and helped work on the gazebo. We also barbecued and drank a few beers πŸ™‚

Family out having some fun and helping work on the octagon


My Mom and Dad hard at work, helping get the yard ready for their anniversary party coming up.

My Mom and Dad hard at work, helping get the yard ready for their anniversary party coming up


A picture of my son Josh after we got the main beams up, he was a big help getting this part of the structure up.

A picture of my son Josh after we got the main beams up, he was a big help.


A couple pics of me, had to throw a couple of me in

Richard Weberg

Richard Weberg


Me and Dust working on the roof joists.

me and my friend Dust working on the roof joists


The main structure of the roof is up.

the main structure of the roof is up


The rafters were a little tricky to figure out.

octagon gazebo rafters


Getting there..

octagon gazebo structure


Update: 06/01/2021

The Octagon is finished and ready for My Mom And Dads Anniversary Party!

my octagon shaped gazebo building is finished


Here is a nice picture at night with the lights lit up.

octagon gazebo with lights on at night


I got to admit I have built many structures in my life, but building an octagon shaped structure had many challenges, especially with the rafters. A multitude of angles and pitches had to be considered, but thanks to some wonderful help from family and friends we got it done in time!

Thank you to everyone who helped us create the octagon gazebo. I appreciate you all very much! Justin Sparby, TJ Ennen, Ricky Weberg, John Weberg, Derreck Corradi, Dennis Gilbertson, Joshua Weberg, John Cambell.

Thank you, thank you and love you all!

My Mom and Dad’s anniversary party is this saturday, June 5th. So stay tuned in to my blog, party pictures are to come!

We will have a little before party on Friday as me and my son Josh will be smoking some briskets and pork butts for Saturday. I will start a new post for this coming weekends events.

The octagon gazebo is done, the band is set, quest invited, time for a celebration!

It is going to be a blast!


If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello πŸ™‚ I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day, and remember to always be kind and good to others.

Richard Weberg

Richard Weberg

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