August 18


The life of a Toilet Bowl

By Richard Weberg

August 18, 2021

If you think your life is bad, think about the life of a toilet bowl, and all the shit it has to go through πŸ™‚

All humor aside..

It might just be time to change if your dealing with that much shit in your own life. Sometimes change is hard for people, they get stuck in a rut and do not know how to get out of it..

You may even be saying to your self..


I need to change my life but i don’t know how.

For a lot of people it can be an excuse they keep making for themselves, we all like attention even if it comes from a bad place.

Sometimes we do it unconsciously, maybe a person had a childhood where we they were constantly neglected and the only way to get any attention was to do something wrong, or to act out in some way. This then follows them into adulthood.

Maybe a person went through a bad relationship where there was no love and attention, so they went out and cheated on their mate, than later in life get married to someone else and cheat on them, and end up getting a divorce. And everyone of their relationships ends in disaster..

Maybe you have got into a bad habit of spending more money than you make, and are drowning in debt, but you still do not stop spending, and you keep making excuses as to why you keep buying stuff you can not afford.

Maybe……(You fill in the blanks.)

Sometimes we just keep repeating our mistakes on autopilot..Because we have yet to realize that the problems all along were our own actions, and not everybody else.

It is not always easy breaking our negative patterns no matter what they are.


The first step is realizing the problem is you.

I do not mean this in a bad way. Sometimes our problem is the acceptance of negative behavior done by someone else, and only you can break the pattern. Let me explain..

If your in a bad relationship as an example, your not going to change your mate, only you can change, or decide which action to take. You can decide to stay in the relationship and work on making positive changes in your self, or you can leave the relationship, or accept it as is..What ever actions you do take is your decision, not your mates. So if you stay in the relationship and are miserable, it is all on you.

I have seen so many people try and change their mate instead of working on themselves, thinking that this will make their life so much better, and it doesn’t..You can not force someone else to change, it is always up to your control over only you.

Another example, you love your spouse, but they are always destroying your finances in one way or another..How do you stop this?

Sure you ask them to stop, but if they are not ready to change, what is the one thing that you can control?


it is you

If you stay in that situation it is your fault, because your allowing yourself to accept it. It is not your mates fault, sure they have a problem, but you control what you do in response.

You can either stay in the relationship with your destroyed finances and be happy about it, or leave the relationship and create the life you want. But if you stay, and nothing changes, you can not whine about it anymore because YOU have decided it is okay..

Make sense?


Acceptance, you can only control you.

So if you accept bad behavior that is on you, and if you do not accept bad behavior that is on you. Either way it does not matter it is always your choice.

If you make it someone else problem, than there is nothing you can do about it.

I always make every problem I encounter in my own life about me, so that I have the choice and power to do something about it.

Ever hear of the Serenity Prayer? I refer to it often, because there is so much wisdom in it:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.”


What does it mean – The Serenity Prayer means letting go of situations beyond your control and taking action toward things within your control. It also means being able to know when things are within your control and when things are beyond your control.

The Serenity Prayer has helped me through many tough spots in my life, including in how I make my living through my online business.

Many times over the years obstacles would present themselves in my pursuit of making money online, in the beginning it would throw me off big time, and I would stop working out of frustration and anxiety for several days, sometimes weeks. I was letting the situation control me.

Then one day I realized what I was letting happen, because I referred back to the Serenity Prayer, so now when obstacles present themselves I go and work on some part of my online business I am in control of, and leave the obstacle tell there is a solution for it. I no longer get anxiety over it or dwell on the obstacle, and let it stop me dead in my tracks.

I control what I can control, which is my own actions.


Do not dwell on the problems in your life.

There is something called the Law of Attraction, which is this – You always attract more of what you dwell on and feel about.

This is a universal law which means – it is widely accepted that we are are like magnets. You attract people, ideas, and resources that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts and feelings. Read the book “The Secret”

Think about this for a moment, lets say you have a problem with alcohol, and you are feeling down, so instead of going and finding something positive to do that changes your thoughts, you sit and dwell on all the things that suck in your life, so next you reach for the bottle.

Pretty soon you are wasted and are fighting with the neighbors, then the police show up and arrest you, and you spend the weekend in jail waiting to see the judge. Now you were suppose to work this weekend, and because you did not show up or call in, they fire you.

In writing this article I truly am wanting to reach people who really need to make some major changes in their lives, so believe me when I say, that what ever you focus on with your dominate thoughts and feeling, you will get a lot more of whether good or bad.

Have you ever heard someone say “if it was not for bad luck, I would not have any luck at all”?

Well now you no why this happens..

If every time you turn around your stepping in shit..You need to remember the Law of Attraction.

You have to start being conscious of every thought and emotion you make, including both the ones that uplift you and the ones that bring the junk into your life.

How do you do this?


It all starts with self-talk.

Talk into existence what you want in your life. It is the thoughts you say inside your head, not out loud. Self-talk is your internal dialogue. It’s influenced by your subconscious mind.

Self-talk is very powerful. I started using it in my own life years ago, after I read the book by Napoleon Hill “Think And Grow Rich”. It has had a very profound impact on my life.

I use self-talk every single day, I built it into a habit, if a negative thought creeps into my head, I start talking over it.

When you control your thoughts, doors will open you never believed possible.


Reinforce positive in your life through reading books.

I am a huge believer in reading self-help books, they have had a profound impact on my life. Most of the books I recommend I have read many times, as I always get something new out of them. Learning has been one of my greatest joys, and has helped reshape my thoughts and my life.

My wife had a little issue with never throwing anything away or getting rid of stuff, our basement was becoming over stacked with things, then she read the book “How Not to be a Messie” she loved it, and all of a sudden she started cleaning out the basement and getting rid of stuff, it was kind of adorable to watch, as she was so excited and liked that book so much. It helped her to clean some clutter in her life.

Napoleon Hill said “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.”

So put good things in, and you will get good things out. Put junk in your mind, and you will get junk out.

Even in war, military forces have used leaflets to affect the minds of its enemies. They have even made special leaflet bombs to do so.

Knowledge is power, use it in your own life.


In conclusion.

If you ever want to improve your own life, you need to finally understand that without change your life is going to just stay the same.

It is like a hamster on a wheel, that just keeps repeating the same actions over and over again. A never ending cycle that just continues on and on.

human running in circles on hamster wheel

You need to make a conscious decision, that you are going to change your life no matter what, and take the necessary action to do so.


If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello πŸ™‚ I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day, and remember to always be kind and good to others.

Richard Weberg


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