August 10


I killed hornets and wasp with Dawn dish soap!

By Richard Weberg

August 10, 2021

I finally killed all the hornets and wasp that had been hiding under my siding, with Dawn dish soap. Who would of thought dish soap would actually work.


Dawn dish soap works to kill hornets and wasp.

Yes, it appears that Dawn dish soap is not just for washing dishes actually works to kill hornets and wasp.

Now I had a hell of a time getting rid of the wasp that had made a nest under my siding, they have been coming back for the last almost three years.

I tried everything to get rid of them, all of the commercial wasp and hornet sprays only killed the ones the substance came in direct contact with.


The wasp just kept coming back.

So year after year the wasp would simply come back after winter. This year was much worse as I am sure their colony just kept growing in size. Well at least it seemed like a lot more this year than in prior years that I seen buzzing in and out under my siding.

Once again I tried commercial hornet and wasp spray, I killed several, but not all of them, and after a few days, it just seemed as if there were more wasp than before I started spraying.

Finally, I resorted to the internet, and looked up to see if there was anything more natural I could try that might work.

I seen some search results where people were recommending Dawn dish soap, I read that the dish soap will clog their spiracles, the pores that they breathe through, and will kill them almost immediately…At this point I thought what the heck, whats the worst that can happen..maybe it will even clean my


Dilute the dish soap with water.

So I took a half empty bottle of Dawn dish soap and filled the rest with water so it would squirt out faster. I then had one of my friends grab my leaf blower, yes my leaf blower. I had him turn it on, and point it at me as I went up to my siding, because the wasp could not get near me with it blowing. My leaf blower has some real power let me tell you.

Once I got up to where the nest was in my siding, he pointed it at my hands as I brought the bottle up to the opening and then I stuck the bottle into the opening the wasp were using, and I squirted the whole bottle up into their nest.

Wasp started dropping out dead, some tried coming out, but would just fall to the ground when they tried to fly off, and they died almost instantly.


Hooray good bye wasp!…Ah not so fast enter in the hornets…

Yeppers, there is more to this story and that is why in the title of this article I wrote “I killed the hornets and wasp with Dawn dish soap!”

The next day I was outside doing some yard work, and I checked the siding and all was quiet, no wasp. I then went and removed an old wood planter off the back of one of my garages. After I unbolted it and let it to the ground, I carried off the wood, and when I returned to pick up my tools, I noticed there was about 30 hornets on the ground buzzing slightly over the grass..

So I looked and seen like a smashed paper hornets nest. When I removed the planter and let it to the ground, there must have been a nest underneath of it, I did not see, and it smashed it apart when it hit the ground. It must have protected me from getting stung as well laying on top of the nest and the hornets.

I thought well I’ll come back tomorrow and see if their gone, figured they would just take off and go somewhere else.

Well somewhere else was in the wasp nest under my siding..ha ha! When I checked on the ground where my planter was the next day the hornets were gone, but when I walked back to the house I noticed a lot of action by my siding where the wasp were, and lo and behold they were hornets and lots of them, flying in and out of my siding..

Those little buggers some how found that wasp nest and in like 24 hours had moved right on in. So I sprayed them with my left over commercial hornet and wasp spray, all that did was piss them off.


Commercial hornet and wasp spray does not work.

Thought I would kill a few at least before going in with the Dawn dish soap and the leaf

But again the Dawn dish soap worked to kill the hornets this time.

So I am finally rid of those pesky buggers and now no one is going to get stung.

I was very happy to have found that article online, otherwise I might have been dealing with more hornets and wasp next year.

Now of course I could have easily paid some professional pest and bug exterminators to come get rid of them, but I did not want to wait weeks for them to come.

As there is only one company I even know that does this and they could not get here for several weeks, because of how busy they are, and with the pandemic that has plagued us and everything else that has ensued they were short on employees.

We live in a very small town where traditional businesses have not always thrived, so are options here are very limited anyway.

But no need, I killed hornets and wasp with Dawn dish soap!

So this is why I made an article about what worked for me, so anyone else looking for something that works that is in need.

I used Dawn dish soap platinum.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂 I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day, and remember to always be kind and good to others.

Richard Weberg

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