June 25


The USDA food pyramid is upside down?

By Richard Weberg

June 25, 2021

Well many of you reading this may not agree with me that the USDA food pyramid is upside down, and that the governments recommendation on what to eat in a healthy diet is all wrong, and that is okay..because I am right 🙂

You do not need to be a health doctor, scientist to make all of the connections. In fact most of them are wrong as well..(In my opinion)


The USDA introduced the first food pyramid in 1992.

USDA Food Pyramid

According too en.wikipedia.org the first food pyramid was published in Sweden in 1974. The 1992 pyramid introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was called the “Food Guide Pyramid” or “Eating Right Pyramid“. It was updated in 2005 to “MyPyramid“, and then it was replaced by “MyPlate” in 2011.

Health.gvo dietary guidelines.

Health.Gov Dietary Guidelines


Many years before the first food pyramid was ever introduced in the US, the powers at be started spewing the nonsense that we should eat less fat and meat, and should be eating more grains, fruit and vegetables.


Their message was clear, butter, meat and eggs will kill you!

So we listened and we replaced butter and natural fat with trans fats and started eating more margarine and hydrogenated oils. We also started eating more refined grains, out with the meat, and in with the noodles and bread.


What did this recommended diet do to us?

We got fat!

The obesity rate has way more than doubled since 1980 and now the U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4 percent, the first time the national rate has passed the 40 percent mark, and further evidence of the country’s obesity crisis. So now 74% of Americans are now over weight with 40% of them being obese.


We got diabetes!

34.2 million Americans—just over 1 in 10—have diabetes.
88 million American adults—approximately 1 in 3—have pre-diabetes.

New diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes have significantly increased among US youth.


We have more heart attacks younger!

Heart attacks are on the rise in young people, now, people in their 20s, 30s and 40s are more often falling victim to these cardiovascular attacks.


I remember when I was a kid how we ate.

Meat was the center piece of every meal, then you had a small scoop of a vegetable, and some cooked potato. We ate fruit sparingly and meat was always the largest portion on our plates. This was full fresh fatty meat, we never had skinless chicken or turkey, in fact we got the fattier cuts straight from the butcher because..

My mom and grandma cooked everything in bacon, real butter or other animal fat. We had a metal container we poured the fat into and saved for cooking.


I remember people being skinny, muscular, healthy looking.

Now it seems like almost everyone is over weight, every time you go anywhere you see people that are grossly over weight. I think people weighing 200 to 300 lbs is becoming the norm..

All anyone needs to do is look at pictures of groups of people pre-1980. Sure there were a few over weight people you will find, but not like today, not even close..The further you go back the more in shape people were.

Picture of a group of woman pre-1960


Ever see a skinny fat vegan or vegetarian?

You know, there not like super over weight, but they look kinda fat even though they are skinnier. They have no muscle tone, they kinda look jelly-ish..because of the amount of visceral fat they have sometimes.

Now, I am not poking fun at vegans, vegetarians or people over weight. I am over weight, and have struggled with my weight now for years, as a direct result of changing my diet as I got older. I started eating more margarine, hydrogenated oils, pasta, pizza, bread, vegetables and fruit, because we were told butter, meat and eggs, basically animal products will kill you.


Now its like an addiction.

I fall off the wagon so to speak, every time I try and get on the right path I feel I should be on. I will make it several months and then end up eating something I know I should not, and bam, I am stuffing my face.

And what I noticed for sure, is when I stop eating more protein and real natural fat from animals, my hunger signals go bizzerk and I start stuffing my face.


I had no eating problems.

When I was a kid growing up, I had no eating problems and was always skinny and in shape, but we ate a proper diet, where meat and animal fat were the center piece, so there were no other choices, that was our diet. So I knew no cravings for grains, sugars and such, because I was always satisfied after eating, it was not until I got older, and started eating the food pyramid guidelines way that I started packing on the pounds and over eating. I felt always hungry.


Eating vegetables and fruit killed my testosterone.

Several years ago now, I changed my diet to try and lose weight and get healthier, so I believed like the so called healthy food guidelines and experts said, to eat even more whole grains, vegetables, fruit , lean meats and “healthy fats” (seed oils). I also went to the gym three times a week.

Guess what happened?

Over time of eating this way, my testosterone plummeted and I started feeling like sh*t! I kept getting more and more lethargic, and I started getting fatter. Not like packing on the pounds, but loosing muscle and having more fat on my body..

I was like what the F*ck???


Went and had several testosterone test done, and my doctor said my testosterone levels were like that of a 90 year old. I had numerous other test after that, such as MRI of my brain to make sure had no tumors and had the old testicles checked out, they could find nothing wrong with me.


Testosterone Replacement.

I ended up going the route of testosterone replacement therapy at first because neither me or my doctor ever made the connection between my testosterone levels and my diet. I ended up getting all of the side effects of testosterone replacement and none of the benefits, like my testicles shriveled up to almost nothing, and I started getting really bad heart palpitations. I tried them all, patches, creams, bio-identical, testosterone shots, you name it, I tried it. Nothing worked.

So I said enough of that and quit the testosterone replacement, and did my own research on diet, cholesterol, nutrition and how it affects the body and testosterone levels.


My research led me too.

You need to eat animal fat and more protein, and kick all the seed oils, and so called healthy grains to the curb, as well as most vegetables and fruits.

(I will leave links to some of the resources I used at the bottom of this article)

It took me a while to accept it in my brain, because of how long the USDA, media and government health messaging was pounded into me, that animal products will kill you.. It was not tell I herniated two disc in my back in 2008, had surgery and lived in extreme pain for 11 years that my youngest son John turned me onto a carnivore Facebook group.

This Carnivore Facebook group had over 25,000 members when I joined it, and at first I was still skeptical and hesitant, but joined it anyway, because I could not take the pain any longer and if there was a small chance eating carnivore would help both my testosterone and my pain, I had to check it out for my self.


What I Learned.

Every single day in this group there is someone testifying to the wonderful healing their body has gone through, all by ditching grains, seed oils, vegetables and fruit. How they are stronger, healthier, pain free, and no longer addicted to their food. Now, no one is paid to say this in this group, these are everyday people who are suffering from some ailment, obesity or pain and they find their way to this group like I did, through an acquaintance, friend or family member.

Once I got started eating only animal products as food and focusing on fatty meat, like what we ate when I was a child growing up, the extreme pain I lived in disappeared, after 11 years of intense excruciating pain, it took only roughly 2 months and it was gone. My testosterone levels have now improved dramatically. I have lost some weight, but still battle with adding in some of wrong foods, just being honest, and still have a ways to go on the weight loss, but all in all after eating mostly carnivore now for almost 2 years, I feel a THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!


My opinions.

Now I am not a doctor, nutritionist or health scientist, I am not giving you advice on how YOU should eat, I am giving my opinions based on what I have learned, personally have gone through and observed.

In my opinion all one has to do is go and watch the History channels tv series “Alone” to understand how we need to eat as humans, and why the food pyramid is literally upside down. Alone is a survival based tv series, that usually puts 10 people out in the wilderness, completely alone. The person who survives the longest gets a cash prize of $500,000.00 (meaning the last person left). The participants have camera equipment and video tape themselves and their survival activities. They only other people they ever see is on medical checks.

What you will see by watching this series, is people can not live without protein and fat. But they can however live without grains, fruits, vegetables, and seed oils.

Finding adequate protein and animal fat is what determines who last the longest, they have medical checks on the show, and have medically tapped out many of the participants, because those people were not able to secure enough fat, animal fat. (Now remember they are out in the wilderness they do not have gardens, this is true survival)

Watch the show and you will understand. Does not matter what kind of berries, plants or fruit they find, it is not sustainable. The show is the real deal, and truly show cases how people must of lived years ago, before modern farming and agriculture.


We as humans were meant to eat mostly animal, and what comes from the animals, and only ate wild fruits such as berries, and wild plants seasonally when they were available according to the climate we lived in. Watching this show, makes it perfectly clear. You can not argue with survival. Yes we live in modern times, and we have a whole host of genetically modified foods available to us, but that does not mean it is any good for us.

You can see by watching the show Alone, it would be near impossible for a vegan or vegetarian to survive and win the show. As in rough climates you WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SUSTAIN, without animal protein or fats, because you would never find enough calories number one, it would be almost impossible.


Example food calorie facts.

Example: 1 large head of lettuce = 106 calories. A human would need to eat 11 heads of lettuce a day just to get 1200 calories.

Example: 1 large carrot = 30 calories. A human would need to eat 40 carrots a day just to get 1200 calories.

Example: 1 cup wild mushrooms = 22 calories. A human would need to eat 54 cups of wild mushrooms a day just to get 1200 calories. (I added wild mushrooms, because your not really going to find carrots and heads of lettuce out in the wilderness)

Example: 1 cup wild blueberries = 71 calories. A human would need to eat 16 cups of blueberries a day just to get 1200 calories.

Example: 1 cup of fat = approximately 1,845 calories


A guy on one of the seasons of the show could not secure any animals so he tried surviving by eating the edible parts of pine trees, and drinking pine tea, it tore up his guts so bad he had to be medically tapped.


Surviving on 1200 calories a day.

Now even if you were able to secure enough plants & fruits, you might be able to survive providing that you do not expend more than 1200 calories day, if you do, you will have some serious problems..The energy it takes to live as our ancestors did, takes way more calories a day then this. The daily task in life living from the land, needed energy, and lots of it. If you had to expend the energy to go feed your whole tribe from foraging plants and fruit, and gather enough to feed them all, they would all die. It is not possible, except for with the inception of farming and agriculture.

The participants in the tv series Alone, have no gardens or modern agriculture available, they have to survive as people did before those things became part of life. The only reason people can sustain as a vegan or vegetarian is because of the inception of farming, agriculture and other man made foods. Maybe in warm lush climates as well, because of long sustained growing seasons, and the presence of abundant fruit. We now also have shipping world wide, that brings us vegetables and fruits when they are not in season. Shipping has also had a huge impact on diet.


Fats are most energy-efficient form of food.

Fats are complex molecules composed of fatty acids and glycerol. The body needs fats for growth and energy. It also uses them to synthesize hormones and other substances needed for the body’s activities (such as prostaglandins).

Fats are the slowest source of energy but the most energy-efficient form of food. Each gram of fat supplies the body with about 9 calories, more than twice that supplied by proteins or carbohydrates per gram of weight.

The human brain is nearly 60% fat by total weight, and that big, powerful brain needs to be provided with certain types of fats (both saturated and unsaturated) throughout life to provide a balance of structural integrity and fluidity to its cells.


Cognitive impairment & dementia are on the rise.

They say it is because people are living longer, maybe because of what we have had pounded into us by the media and health organizations, we are just simply starving our brains. They keep telling us to eat lean proteins, and saturated fat will kill you, and seed oils are healthy..

You can believe the current dogma if you want, but I do not.


I believe the USDA food pyramid is upside down.

Again, these are my opinions, and I formed them, by watching hundreds of hours of lectures done by scientist, doctors, and nutritionist. I also formed my opinions through my own experiences, observations and reading of many papers and books done by doctors and health practitioners.

I am about 90% carnivore, I eat some vegetables (plants) and very little fruit now. And yep I do fall off the wagon, which I need to stop, as I always have bad reactions. Especially how it affects my rosacea and psoriasis. If I eat USDA way too long my pain also starts coming back. It is hard to give up pasta! 


Some resources.

Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Are you smarter than a Doctor? What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition’

Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet

Background on Obesity.

History of Margarine and Trans Fats.

Can an Animal-Based Diet reverse heart disease and diabetes? With Sean O’Mara, MD.

Guts And Grease: The Diet Of The Native Americans.

Carnivore Cure: The Ultimate Elimination Diet to Attain Optimal Health and Heal Your Body

7 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone.

Why Your Brain Needs Fat.

Genetically Modified Fruits And Vegetables.


If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂 I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day, and remember to always be kind and good to others.

Richard Weberg

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