June 15


Is it easy to make money online?

By Richard Weberg

June 15, 2021

I was asked the other day by one of my friends on Facebook “Is it easy to make money online?” He knew that I do online marketing full time, and wanted to ask someone with experience, as he is looking to create extra income from home.

He has a full-time job, and is away from his home 50 plus hours a week, so he really wants to make some extra money without leaving his home.

So I decided to answer that question here on my website in more detail, because the answer to this question is not as simple as a Yes or No, and I know that many people have this same question and are seeking out more details on this topic.

Lets start off with..


There are many ways to make money online.

1. Online surveys – Take surveys online and get paid cash and rewards. (Easy)

2. Cash back shopping rewards – Turn your normal shopping into extra cash back. (Easy)

3. Become a freelancer – Turn your skills and creativity into full or part time income.

4. Become a blogger – Write for money, there are full-time bloggers that make millions per year!

5. Start trading & build a cryptocurrency portfolio – Crypto is hot and is not going anywhere, it is the future, and plus you can get some free crypto rewards to get started.

6. Start a drop shipping business – Passionate about owning a business, then this is the place for you!

7. Become an Ebay or Amazon seller – Learn how to master Ebay and Amazon.

8. Write a book and sell it on Amazon – publishing a book on amazon has became extremely simple to do.

9. Become an Youtube or Tiktok influencer – love the spotlight? Why not make some money doing it!

9. Email Marketing – Build a successful newsletter, and learn how to hit the send button and make money every time.

10. Affiliate Marketing – Sell other companies products and services, it is a very lucrative niche!


**Note – Email marketing and affiliate marketing really go hand and foot.


What options you choose will all depend on your income goals.

There are methods to make money online, that will make you very little money no matter how much effort you put into them, and there are other ways that can make you a full time living and more!

There are many solo entrepreneurs that make millions of dollars a year, and work from anywhere, because all they need is a laptop, or other device and an internet connection. Truly the skies the limit when it comes to the internet and the opportunities available.

What you do with those opportunities is completely up to you. What you make from any of them, will be dependent on what you personally put into them. I or anyone else can offer you no guarantee of what you will make. All I can say is there have been plenty of people before you that have created an incredible lifestyle from the opportunities that exist online.


You can use all or some of the ways to make money online.

A $1 earned is a dollar earned so you may want to incorporate several methods to add to your bottom line, because some ways are easier just to incorporate into your daily life. Like cash back shopping rewards as an example is pretty easy and straight forward, get cash back from your shopping.

Taking online surveys is pretty easy as well, but does not mean your going to get rich doing it, but pretty easy to put some extra money in your pocket.


Maybe you have a few dollars lying around and you would like to make that money work for you, and create a growing passive income, so maybe you start building a crypto portfolio, what ever fits you, just try and think out of the box.


So the question is not really “is it easy to make money online?”

It is, what do you want to do, and what are you willing to do to make money online and how much do you want to make?

Everyone of the ways to make money online have a level of difficulty, and dependent on your income goals, will determine how much time, effort and resources it takes to get there.

Some methods of making money online, will take some investment on your part, as they involve certain marketing tools you may need. Like if you want to become a social media influencer, you might need a better video recorder, as an example. You might need to take a influencer course to help guide you.

If you want to get really good at something, there is always some kind of course or tool that can aide you in doing so, and some ways of making money online, like affiliate marketing, I would never even attempt, without an autoresponder and learning email marketing.

Put it this way, I chose affiliate marketing when I first started trying to make money online over 18 years ago, and I learned the hard way, there was certain things I needed to learn and understand before I made my first dollar.

It is never as simple as, you flip a switch and money starts pouring in. So easy, not so much, worth it, absolutely!


Most methods of making money online, have some learning curve.

There is just no way around that. The more knowledge, experience and drive you have towards one of the options, the faster you will make money with it.


A few examples:

First example, you want to make money as blogger, you love to write and share, so you have a step in the right direction because you are already passionate about writing, but you have no experience with setting up a blog, or how to monetize it. This is when a blog building course like EmoneyPeeps will help you.

Second example, you want to start a drop shipping business, because your passionate about being in business for yourself, but have no clue where to begin to get products from, or how to set up a website, that is where a company like Shopify will help you be successful.


In Conclusion.

There are many ways and methods to make money online, some are much easier than others. The biggest decision you will make will be in getting started and taking action towards what ever income goals you have set for your self. Do not let “analysis paralysis” stop you dead in your tracks.

In other words do not over think it, make a plan, stick to a plan, and above all else, get started immediately!


β€œDon’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

― Benjamin Franklin

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello πŸ™‚ I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day, and remember to always be kind and good to others.

Richard Weberg

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