April 28


You know our country is going to crap when you get real news from a comedian!

By Richard Weberg

April 28, 2021

Common sense in this country is not so common anymore, and I love how JP SEARS uses humor and satire to spell out the blatant wrongs that are going on in the United States.

Many people who have spoken out have been banned from social networks this past year. It is sad that our freedom of speech has been taken away from us, which is one of our constitutional rights.

If we keep going in this direction, we will no longer be the land of the free..We will be the home of the beaten down and enslaved.

In this breaking news update you’ll find out about the latest ridiculousness from around the world! Everything from BLM, LeBron James, Caitlyn Jenner, Gavin Newsom, the White House, and the border crisis.

“The worlds on fire and things have never been better, this episode will help you go deeper to sleep!” -JP Sears



JP Sears has probably not been banned yet, because of him being a comedian and using satire to speak out.

Its funny because its true. I mean, its not funny… but, you know what I mean..

JP “The world is burning!” Keep on bringing it my friend!


Shout it from the rooftops bro!

Until we all stand up and become a unified strong country again, moving back in the right direction of democracy and freedom!

Let us make America great again!

(We were, now we are going backwards WHOOPER fast!)


The World is Burning - Comments From JP Sears YouTube Video


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Richard Weberg

Richard Weberg

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