Advertising Resources 

 Here are some great places to post your ads to and get more sales on a consistent basis, These are places I use to place free ads and paid ones, they have all yielded results. The key is being consistent in your advertising, build traffic daily. What you advertise is your squeeze page that we set up in splash wizard, this will build your list and Four Corners business at the same time.

Oh and do not forget word of mouth advertising, this Four Corners Opportunity is such a no-brainer, I made my entire family sign up!

Huge free classified at site, this site is also crawled daily by the search engines. Only one category you should post to when it comes to biz opps. When you go to the link above, click on one of the cities you wish to post to, then once on the next page, click on bizz ops, located in the lower right hand corner under the services category, then on the top of the next page click on, post an ad. All you need to fill out are the yellow highlighted areas, then submit your ad and follow the instructions. No registration necessary, unless you are going to do paid ads. WARNING: Only post three ads daily, and dont post to the same city. All spamming the site will do is get you banned. I post three ads a day to three different cities, and I do not use the same ad, or title...try and be original. I have used this site for years with excellent results, I use some paid ads here as well.

Most people online know about this site, huge free ad site, that also gets crawled daily by the search engines. You can post with out registering, but I recommend that you do. Again pick a city, then click on small biz ads listed under services, this is the only area where you should post ads pertaining to bizz ops. Again I follow the same rules as posting in, this is a must, otherwise you will just get banned.

Tip***Follow the rules and you will never have any problems, I have been posting to all these sites for years. Remember what I had said, consistently marketing your business each and every day is the key!

3. Facebook groups- are another free place you can place ads, look for groups that allow blatant advertising, or use groups to make friends and introduce them to your opportunity through casual conversation. You can search Facebook, use search words like internet marketing, make money online, home business, etc. You can also share your opportunity with your Facebook friends, use interesting ways to share with them. First remember that according to Facebooks Terms of Service, you are not allowed to use your personal profile strictly for business.

How do you share about your business or opportunity without talking about it in an annoying way? Celebrate moments.

You are sure to have amazing moments at your company that are awesome to share, a fun Friday afternoon BBQ, a promotion for someone on the team or the addition of an exciting new feature or widget to your product or service.

The way that you talk about these things is key.

This is not a press release, and this is not your company business page. This is your personal Facebook page, so use language and tone that is in line with who you are and your personality.

Check into company events or post a fun photo. Share something exciting, funny or behind-the-scenes, just as you would share a moment that happened with your family or friends.
Share milestones you have reached, just like you would a promotion you got on your job.


Have a twitter account? Here is a couple tweets you could post.

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Solo Ads-
Some of you may be totally new to internet marketing and really not even know what a solo ad even is.

So what is a solo ad?

A Solo Ad is a form of advertisement (a list "rental" if you
will) that is sent out to an entire or portion of someone else
email list, you usually pay for this ad by the click, meaning
you buy so many guaranteed clicks (visitors).
Solo ads have been a practice for all successful internet
marketers and have been around for years. This still remains one of the fastest ways to build your own email marketing list, and your income.

To start, you just need to create your email swipe (this is what all the solo ad providers will be sending to their lists) to get as many subscribers as you can handle to your squeeze page.

Example email swipe below :) However, please be creative and adapt your own. If everyone uses the same swipe then it will be less effective.

Your email swipe example below:

I have put some additonal email swipe copy as well for you on the next page, click here to get it.


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Ad Body:

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Your Name
Once you have your email swipe ready, you are ready to start buying solo ads.

6. Safelist And Viral Mailers. Safelist and viral mailers, you send email swipes in as well, just like in solo ads.

What is a Safelist?

A safelist is a free to join and use advertising site dedicated to helping its
members advertise their own websites and offers based on a credit system (some older safelists or mailers are not credit based). In most safelists members receive credits for viewing others websites in exchange for views of their own offers. Safelists deliver your offers via email, they also usually have a link and banner exchange, based on a credit system as well. Safelist you usually can only send your ads, once or twice a week as a free member, upgraded members can usually send more often and to more people.

A safelist is basically an email swap service, you read my email I will read yours, they are very effective, there are literally thousands of safelist online.

***Make sure you set up a Gmail email account for safelist and viral mailers as your email address, you will receive a ton of emails, you basically click for credits or buy them. I have used safelist for years with tremendous results!
If you already have a Gmail account and you are using it for
personal emails, open a second one, and use it for all your
marketing programs and activities. This way you do not have to
go searching through tons of emails to find one from a family
member or friend.

7. Traffic Exchanges. Use a Gmail email address for signing up to these as well.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

They differ than safelist in the way your offers are
delivered. Safelists deliver your offers via email, traffic
exchanges deliver your offers via web browser. 

A traffic Exchange is an advertising Site dedicated to helping its members advertise their own websites and offers based on a credit system. All members receive credits for viewing others websites in exchange for views of their own offers. By utilizing a traffic exchange you gain more exposure for your web offers by viewing other peoples websites. Hence the word "exchange". Most will give you free credits for signing up and surfing usually around 25 sites to completely activate your account.

Traffic exchanges are free to join and use, with optional pro
upgrades, or you can purchase credit packages to advertise your banners, links, and text ads. Because traffic exchanges are free to join and use, makes them extremely appealing to many marketers, there are literally millions of people who use them everyday in their marketing. In fact some traffic exchanges a lone have over a million members, you never run out of potential new leads and customers.


I have put some additonal email swipe copy for you on the next page, click here to get it.